Webinar- Building Networks without Barriers- Connecting the Formerly Incarcerated to Social Programs

Des Arthur
6 months agoJune 4, 2021
Great resources! Thank you for all that you do.
Alison Wheeler
6 months agoJune 4, 2021
You're welcome — thanks for joining us!
Alison Wheeler
6 months agoJune 4, 2021
For anyone interested in learning more about the panelist organizations:

Building Promise USA: https://www.buildingpromiseusa.com/

Honest Jobs
: https://www.honestjobs.co/reentry-dashboard-interest-form

WIN Recovery
: https://win4recovery.com/

: https://linku.auntbertha.com/

READY Center: https://doc.dc.gov/service/ready-center
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