Distribute CARES Act Funds in Minutes Webinar

Many nonprofits and government agencies have received CARES Act funding to help cover costs directly related to the public health emergency this pandemic has caused. With so many people impacted by the pandemic over the last year, additional funding has become vital to ensuring everyone can get the help they need.

Watch our recorded webinar where we discuss CARES Act funding and how our free platform functionality can help assess and track your distribution efforts.

Deborah Green
over 1 year agoMarch 5, 2021
I did not get the invitation for this webinar, but would like to be on the list for all new webinars
Alison Wheeler
over 1 year agoMarch 17, 2021
Hi Deborah! Good to know, we can add you to our list. We generally segment our invites based on industry or company of our contacts, so you must have been missed that way. We'll be sure to include you in all webinar invites going forward!
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